Have you ever wondered about the true story about Christianity’s emergence? What was its relationship with Judaism or with other cultures in the Graeco-Roman World? Were you ever curious about what life was like in Ancient times? BE PREPARED TO QUESTION WHAT YOU WERE TAUGHT University of Michigan’s Professor Yaron Eliav follows the Apostle Paul’s adventures in Athens and seeks to understand how one man had such a huge impact on world history and culture. In a provocative documentary film, shot among the magical ruins of Athens and its beautiful museums, Eliav explores the truly remarkable way in which Paul – one of the most misunderstood characters in history – planted the seeds of what will one day grow into Western Civilization. Watch the TRAILER of this movie here. PLEASE HELP US SPREAD THE WORD – SHARE THIS TRAILER ON SOCIAL MEDIA . Paul in Athens will be screened for the first time ever in MIDEAST 207 (previously called NearEast 207) – a Race and Ethnicity and Humanities Distribution course offered in Fall 2018. The class fills up quickly, so be sure to register now to see an in-depth look at the events that would shape so much of the western world.

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