Our unique high tech equipment, much of which is invented and constructed in-house, allows us to provide aerial imaging services in applications which are simply impossible with traditional full sized aircraft. If you can imagine it we can do it, the sky is literally the limit. To give you some ideas, we have included a list of common applications:

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    Would you like to set a new standard in advertising your business? Then get a photo of it in a way that would be nearly impossible to do using conventional photography. A photo or video from the sky is a very impressive way to show customers what you do and where you are. It will also show the beauty of your new business and how well it was thought out in the planning.

    Helicam Greece offers a truly unique aerial wedding photography and video service. Your wedding day will surely be unforgettable, but time does dull the edges of memory. Friends and loved ones will also be involved in this special day and will want mementos of this unique time in your life as well.

    Helicam Greece will capture the highlights of your wedding ceremony and reception. An investment in your memories. Get those amazing film like aerial shots at your very own wedding!


    What a better way to market your business with a medium height, wide angle shot of your building to go on the website. Add the staff and a few products and your’ve got one of the best marketing tools available. Helicam Greece can market your product in unimaginable ways with clear crisp photos. Video is a great way to show off the entire business, its staff and its services. We can produce High Definition video from the air or ground and then turn it into a movie to be streamed on your website or other media forum. We also do work and staff photos on the ground and product/service photos for your website or adverts.

    Our camera’s can bring you the latest update from construction sites. We can show the progress from the first to last day. Aerial photos and video help to document construction and market the quality of work and appeal to customers. As long as there is sufficient space to fly we can get many photos or video from any angle. Aerial imaging of a construction site can be used before, during, and after the project gets underway to provide the client with a bird’s eye view of the progress. Whether it is a home or a business, it will show the progress of the day to day construction. And it will give the contractors a way to show a prospective buyer the quality of work and the area the houses are built in. You can also use an aerial photo to plot prospective pieces of land in a way that will really impress.

    Stunning Real Estate photography with a glamorous touch. Whether you are someone selling privately, or a real estate agent, we have the equipment and skills to market through great imagery. Aerial Photos of a home or a plot of land will display the landscape and surrounding area much better than a traditional drive-by photo of a home. Give the potential buyer a view that they would never get from your web site photo. Give them a shot from the air and let them see what the neighborhood looks like. Show them how big the property is with out setting foot on the land. If it is a large property, give the buyer a quick view of it with a video of the grounds. They will really be impressed buy how well you are showing the property!! Whether the current real estate market is slow or booming, aerial images and video can be a significant factor in making your property stand out from the competition. A few hundred dollars spent on aerial images or an aerial video tour of the property could easily translate into a quicker sale saving thousands on holding costs and often even result in a higher sales price.

    Aerial Surveying is in more demand due to developments.
    Weather it be farm land, development land or in the bush, we have the equipment to cover your needs. Our helicopter fly’s with GPS, therefore we are able to program the place you would like to fly over before taking off and then record details as we pass over. We can hover on one spot so you are able to take photos, record land features or assess the ground below. We can take photos/video of any ground, water, or mountain feature from the air as well as recording its position. Take photos of paddocks, fences, sheds, or entire properties to use for mapping or measuring. We can get to places a helicopter would only dream of. We can tailor the package for you to have printouts of photos and CD-ROM’s, and have all GPS recordings available for you.

    Lakes, Forests, Farmlands, ​Marshes, Rivers, Zoos. Before and after photos of a yard being landscaped is a great way to show off the new look, and a must have for the landscaper to show potential customers the creativity and skill they have.

    If you need to examine anything quickly and safely or see the view from a future building, then we have what you need. Aerial photography or video is the best way to turn those imaginations into reality or to see whats wrong at the top of a building. We can fly over terrain, buildings, water or rubble and do not need to maneuver around anything as we are in the air. Our live video link means that you can see what is happening and choose to record video and take photos of anything for future analysis.

    Unlike normal helicopter’s, our multicopter can get very close to buildings for up close photos of damage. We cover all your needs for insurance purposes and legal needs. Police often require aerial images of a crime or accident scene and we can provide support immediately. Aerial Photos or video can give insurance companies a better view of the property or buildings. This can be useful for documenting in case of a disaster. An original photo can be used to compare before and after status in an aerial photo, which will also help the adjuster to do a great job.
    It can also be used in accident scenes where you can get the whole picture of an intersection or a stretch of highway which will help in a legal battle.

    We can take images and video for news agency’s for newspapers, websites or any other media.
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